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Herbal Awakening

Handcrafted Rings

Handcrafted Rings

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Copper and Crystals! Each of these rings are Hand-crafted of Copper and a Crystal.

Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9


Choose your Crystal:

Aventurine - Anxiety, Optimism, Good Luck

Amethyst - Stress, Insomnia, Peacefulness

Carnelian - Courage, Hormones, Motivation 

Citrine - Creativity, Willpower, Energy 

Clear Quartz - Emotional Stability, Clarity

Lapis Lazuli - Wisdom, Intuition, Insomnia 

 Rose Quartz - Love, Trauma, Imagination

Obsidian - Block Negative Energy, Clarity

Red Tiger's Eye - Strength, Courage, Passion



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